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This Charles Taylor, not this one:

The importance of being true to oneself, Taylor would argue, doesn’t affirm the right of a person to make her own choices simply because she can. He calls this “soft relativism;” rather, there is a “moral force” to authenticity that insists that individuals understand their originality. But even this we don’t do alone. We discover who we are and achieve this kind of self-fulfillment in relation to other people and, ultimately, in relation to something “more or other than human desires or aspirations,” as Taylor writes. I’m pretty sure he’s saying that yoga alone won’t do it.

What I argue in my book Not Your Mother’s Morals isn’t necessarily that authenticity and sincerity are high moral virtues in and of themselves, but rather that their emergence in popular culture has created opportunities to discuss moral questions openly and honestly. If an artist can, without fear…

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Parents Are People Too

This post offers a quick, not tested, but good first step for parents worried about an unhappy teen.  Start with this poster:


PARENT ADVICE about depression

How many of the Happiness Rules listed above do you follow?  Probably not all.  That is why forgiving self is one of the rules.  Minimally, doing what has to be done despite mad, bad or sad feelings is what most of us manage to do.  Not so when caught in the grips of depression.

Depression also destroys respect for self and others, the ability to laugh and play, and to forgive life, others, and ourselves.


The  pushing of children to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” or “Be All You Can Be” code words for “Be a Star,” need reality checking.  The poster  focuses on reality based happiness.

I suggest all parents think about discussing the Happiness Rules at a formal or informal family…

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Car Confessions in Beirut

1.Lamborghini is a super car company that has been named after its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini. Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company when he was 47 years old.

2. The fastest Lamborghini car in the world (Murcielago R-GT) has a top speed of of 370 km/h.

3. In 1963, when Lamborghini was founded, it first manufactured tractors for several years.

4. The most expensive Lamborghini ever sold was the Lamborghini Reventon, for $1,600,000.

5. Many of the cars are named after Spanish legends.


6. The first Lamborghini was the 350GTV from 1963.

7. Lamborghini was once an independent company, but is now owned by Volkswagen AG together with Audi.

8. Most Lamborghini cars had a v12 engine except for the Gallardo, which has a v10.

9. The owner of Lamborghini first drove a Ferrari when he started the company, but the car had a constant nagging clutch problem which frustrated him to…

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Thirty With Parents

Sorry, I used to be a teacher, I sort of have a thing against children getting killed.

As a teacher you learn to develop lines.  There are things that you would never dream of saying in front of a student, or a parent, or a fellow teacher.  “Rape is my anti-drug,” is clearly one of those things.  That’s a very hard line.  As a teacher you are sternly anti-drug & against the legalization of it in any way shape or form.

But we’re not in a classroom, & to be honest, in this current environment, my chances of landing another teaching job are slim to none.  There is a war on teachers & a war on history & I’m at the losing end of both.  So fuck it.

Rape is my anti-drug.


How can I say that?  I must be an asshole.  Rape is a terrible thing.  I’m not joking…

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WCCO | CBS Minnesota

*UPDATE 02/02/13: The Package Tour featuring NKOTB, 98Degrees and BoyzIIMen which was scheduled for Saturday, July 13th has been moved to Saturday, July 20th.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hear that Minneapolis? That was the sound of 20- and 30-somethings screaming for the boy band memories of their youth.

New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men have announced they will kick off a summer tour together — and it’s coming to Minneapolis.

Coined as “The Package Tour,” the three mega boy bands will hit the road on May 31, stopping at the Target Center in Minneapolis on July 13. This is the first tour for 98 Degrees in more than 12 years.

20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party - Arrivals

“Ladies, we’re coming for you,” said NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg. “This is going to be the craziest year yet-the single, the album, the tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men … We can’t wait to…

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CBS Detroit

The Ravens and 49ers are almost mirror images of each other, and with a Super Bowl title hanging in the balance, the game will not be a war. If any team has the upper hand it is the better team, which just so happens to be the 49ers. San Francisco went on the road and beat the top seeded Atlanta Falcons after the 49ers demolished the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.

For the entire season, San Francisco has hovered around the top of the NFL Power Rankings, been the most consistent team, and it’s no surprise that they are the last NFC team standing. The Ravens have ridden an emotional tidal wave, sparked by the last ride of Ray Lewis, and pulled off two improbable wins and one unimpressive one. Talent-wise, the Ravens are not even the best team in the AFC, and it’s a surprise to everyone…

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Atul Malikram PR 24x7 Network Ltd

MGU Logo
Indore steps ahead in distance education
Mahatma Gandhi University sets up its study center in city
Indore: The rapidly changing market scenario has resulted in the transformation of education. Distance education has evolved as an established medium of education and become a necessity of today’s commercial age.
To fill the gap of trained manpower Mahatma Gandhi University has opened its distance education center in Indore. This center will offer graduate, Post graduate and Management education as well as short term certificate courses. The students and professionals will choose the subjects of their interest with expert career counseling to boost their career. The university has customized its courses according to the requirement of modern industries so as to enable the candidates get direct entry to Industrial sector after the completion of their course.
At the launch of this center, Shri Atul Malikram said, “The rapidly growing technology makes it imperative for…

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‘First’ Afghan female rapper seeks reason with rhymes


'First' Afghan female rapper seeks reason with rhymes

Kabul: Sporting a long leather coat and western jeans under a headscarf, Soosan Feroz looks like many modern women in Kabul.

But she is a surprising new phenomenon in this conservative Islamic country — the nation’s first female rapper.

Her lyrics though are not unfamiliar for many of her fellow countrywomen – she raps of rape, abuse and atrocities that Afghan women have endured during decades of war in a country gripped by poverty.

“My raps are about the sufferings of women in my country, the pains of the war that we have endured and the atrocities of the war,” Feroz told AFP in an interview in the office of a local company that is helping her record her first album, between local performances including at the US embassy in Kabul.

Like most fellow Afghans, the 23-year-old says her life is filled with bitterness – memories of war, bombing and…

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