Thirty With Parents

Sorry, I used to be a teacher, I sort of have a thing against children getting killed.

As a teacher you learn to develop lines.  There are things that you would never dream of saying in front of a student, or a parent, or a fellow teacher.  “Rape is my anti-drug,” is clearly one of those things.  That’s a very hard line.  As a teacher you are sternly anti-drug & against the legalization of it in any way shape or form.

But we’re not in a classroom, & to be honest, in this current environment, my chances of landing another teaching job are slim to none.  There is a war on teachers & a war on history & I’m at the losing end of both.  So fuck it.

Rape is my anti-drug.


How can I say that?  I must be an asshole.  Rape is a terrible thing.  I’m not joking…

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